Thursday, July 9, 2009

Welcome to Brewtime Software

I've incorporated my business so I figured putting together a web site (which is just this blog) might be a good idea. I don't have much business-related content to put on here, so I'll just use this blog to document some things I am working on, whether they be work-related or not.

Right now I am in the middle of setting up a D-Link 323 NAS device as well as trying to install a DLNA server either on the 323 or on my iMac. Once that is done I will be attempting to use the DLNA client of my Samsung LN52A850 to stream media from the DLNA server. I've already tinkered with this setup a little bit without much success. Unfortunately the Samsung DLNA problems appear to be something that many people have problems with without a lot of assistance from Samsung or from other users.

Anyway, in addition to trying to figure out how to get all of these devices working I'll keep this blog up-to-date with links to helpful blogs, forums, and hopefully the solutions to these problems.

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